Non-degree Programs for International Students of Fudan University, Fall Semester 2019 (Chinese Economy & Business, CEBP)


Non-degree Programs for International Students

of Fudan University, Fall Semester 2019

(Chinese Economy & Business, CEBP)


International Cultural Exchange School, ICES, is the institution specialized in providing Chinese language and culture programs for international students in Fudan University. ICES is appointed to be one of the first four bases of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in China. We accept international students for long term and short term language programs, general advanced and other tailor-made programs. ICES also provide degree programs for undergraduates majoring in Chinese Language & Culture and Business Chinese, and for Master candidates majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Study with ICES is an opportunity to get to know Chinese language, experience the culture and be part of Shanghai life. ICES programs will help you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and get connected with peers from around the world. ICES looks forward to welcoming you to our programs.



Chinese Economy & Business Program is designed for the students with intermediate or higher Chinese level, who want to get an insight into the business environment and condition in China. ICES’s professional and experienced teaching staff ensure the most efficient teaching and learning. The program allows students to get an insight into how successful local and foreign businesses conduct themselves and prosper. Students will be equipped for future business in China.


Chinese for Economy & Trade: Listening Comprehension in Economy & Trade, Conversation in Economy & Trade, Selected Readings of Economic Articles in Newspapers & Periodicals, Economic Practical Writing

Chinese EconomyHot Topics in Chinese Economy, Reform in Chinese Economic System, Chinese-Foreign Economic Relations, Chinese Investment Environment, Chinese Laws & Regulations Governing Business Relations with Foreigners, Chinese Economic Culture

Economy & Trade ActivitiesA Guide to Economic Life, International Companies & Chinese Market, Theories and Practices in Finance & Trade, Management of Joint-Venture Companies

Courses will be chosen from course series above, the program has 16-18 class hours a week. Courses could be changed every year.


Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK is national examinations held by HANBAN, Confucius Institute Headquarters, which are widely recognized internationally. ICES is authorized test centers for both tests. Students in ICES can apply and take the tests almost every 2-3 months conveniently when they feel ready without leaving the school. ICES holds HSK tests 5 times in a year, for detailed schedule please call +86-21-65642256


In addition to the regular curriculum, Fudan University and ICES has nearly hundred students’ societies and set up numerous events and activities for students to take part in, enriching their experience and allowing them to better understand Chinese culture, the people and the society.


ICES located in the center of Handan Campus with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. All the classrooms are equipped with multimedia system which make the teaching interactive. The Reading Room is perfect for students’ self study.


International students have multiple choices of accommodation. Please find more information about ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS on


Study Period: Ranges from half-year to one year.

The Program Duration are as follows:

2019 Fall Semester, one semester Program:

Duration of Major Study (From): 2019-09-02, (To): 2020-01-11

2019 Fall & 2020 Spring Semester, one academic year Program:

Duration of Major Study (From): 2019-09-02, (To): 2020-06-27

For detailed information, please check school calendar at

Application fee: 400 RMB

Tuition (for reference): 12500RMB/Semester, 25000RMB/Year

Final tuition criteria are subject to enrolment pricing announced by Financial Office of Fudan.

Application Requirements: Applicants must be citizen of a foreign country between 18 and 60 years of age, in good mental and physical health. Applicant should be reading an equivalent Bachelor Degree or higher as in a university of China and with intermediate or higher Chinese level, HSK level 5 above or equivalent.

Application periods:

  1. Fall Semester Intake: Applications begin on March 14. Deadline of submitting application is June 10.

Application Materials:

  1. One completed application through the University’s Online Application System (including education background, family members, emergency contact person, etc.) with all required documents uploaded.

  2. One regular passport photocopy (personal information page – passport validity must be adequate for study).

  3. One HSK certificate photocopy (level 5 or above), or other materials proving a corresponding level of Chinese.

If necessary, university will require applicants to submit extra materials.

How to Apply:

  1. Log on to, and enter University’s Online Application System through E-Application.

  2. The online application procedure is as follows:

Registering and activating account→Filling in application→Submitting application→Paying application fee on Online Application System→Waiting for application result.

  1. How to apply online:

Regular channel:

    1. Please select Self-support, Student Category: General Advanced Student, Enrollment division: International Cultural Exchange School, Teaching Language: Chinese. Please keep “Program Name” blank. Click the search button to show the program list.

    2. Then click to choose “Chinese Economy & Business Program, CEBP” in the list. Then click “check major” button on the right.

    3. Please click “Apply” to begin your application. Please upload all necessary materials required.

Please take extra care in filling in the address online where you would like to receive your Admission Notice. Once you have completed the application process, it will not be possible to change this address.

What Happens Next

Please pay attention to the status and message in application system after your application is submitted successfully. The application fee payment shall be made immediately after your online application. The application status will be changed to “In Review” then “Accepted” based on the online application procedures process. It will take another 2-4 weeks to prepare paper documents of admission package after the online admission finished. The admission package will be sent via courier express to the requested address in your application. Please make sure that the receiving address is the one that you can receive the admission package. If you choose to collect the admission package personally in school please contact us before you come to make sure the admission package is ready. You will need the documents in admission package to apply for Visa to China. Please pay attention to the validity of your Visa and do not misuse it for early entry. Usually students can arrive several days before registration date. Fudan can provide assistance with Visa only after your registration in school.

Contact Information:

Room 909, East Main, GuangHua Building,

International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University

220 Han Dan Road, Shanghai 200433, China

Tel: +86-21-55664859


Application fees and materials are non-returnable.