'CUORI CUP' the 1st International Student Fashion Design Competition

During the 22nd Shanghai Fashion Week, China Association for International Education and Donghua University will co-host the 1st International Student Fashion Design Competition. We sincerely invite international students in China to rewrite the "silk road" through fashion art.



l  Competition Theme

The theme of this competition is “silk road dream”. Competitors should use "Chinese elements" and the "silk road" as the main principles for innovation, design a set of clothes and demonstrate them on real models.


l  Competitors

International students of colleges and universities in China without limitation of majors or grades.


l  Competition Process

1. Registration and Submission Deadline: March 6, 2016

Colleges and universities should recommend competitors to the committee. Competitors can participate individually or as a team (2 competitors per team). Submission should be made in the PPT form, including the name of the work, sources of inspiration, design rendering of the series (3 styles per competitor, 6 styles per team), sketch, fabric and work description. Each PPT should be A3 size with image resolution of no less than 300 dpi. Please copy your PPT to a CD and send it as well as the fabric samples to the official address.


2. Finalist Evaluation and Release: March 14, 2016

In conjunction with Internet and WeChat votes, the committee will have experts select finalists, followed by publishing the results and feedback evaluation. Finalist designs will be shown on the theme website.


3. Finals and Prize Award (tentative): April 19, 2016

Based on the design submissions, the finalists will complete a series of garments according to a size 92 male /84 female (3 styles per competitor, 6 styles per team).

The finals will be evaluated according to the model fashion display; models will be provided by Donghua University.


l  Competition Awards

1. Gold Prize: 1 quota, CNY10,000 and certificate

2. Silver Prize: 3 quotas, CNY5,000 and certificate

3. Bronze Prize: 10 quotas, Cuori product (value CNY3,000) and certificate

4. Honorable Prize: several, Cuori product (value CNY1,000) and certificate

5. Colleges and universities with finalists will be awarded the Outstanding Organization Prize.


l  Entry Requirements

1. The submission is limited to only one competition. Any plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.

2. The competition committee provides the material cost for each preliminary finalist. Standard: CNY 2500 (3 styles), CNY 3000 (6 styles)

3. The competition committee is not responsible for the copyright protection of the entries. Competitors will take the responsibility of the intellectual property related issues.

4. Competition hosts and sponsors have the right to use entries and competitor portraits without compensation for promotional activities or commercial purposes.

5. Competitors may contact the committee for the PowerPoint template.


l  Contact


Tel: 021-62373066

Address: Ms. Chu Xia, Ms. Li Li, Office 122, International Cultural Exchange School, Donghua University, 1882 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai



l  Host

China Association for International Education

Donghua University


l  Sponsors

Cuori Electrical Appliances (Group) Co., Ltd

Unichina International Insurance Brokers(Beijing) Co., Ltd

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