Notice on Postponement of Check in of International Students Dormitory in Handan Campus


Dear Students:

To effectively prevent and control the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) pneumonia, Fudan university has decided to postpone the start of spring semester 2020.

For the concerned questions of accommodation, we hereby inform you as follows:

1. All the dormitories reserved successfully from 20 January to 22 January (which has been paid 800 RMB prepaid) will be kept.

2. The accommodation fee for this semester will be calculated based on the actual number of days of this semester. Please wait for the notice about the start date of this semester of university.

3. If the reservation is abandoned due to the cancellation of your study plan, you can apply for the refund of the prepaid accommodation fee and the accommodation fee of this spring semester. Please pay attention to our notice for the specific process of refund.

If you have any questions about accommodation, please email to We would offer you detailed answers.

When the spring comes and all the flowers are in bloom, looking forward to meeting you at the beautiful Fudan campus!

See you at the beginning of spring semester!

International Students Office