Fudan-Sciences Po “Europe and Asia in Global Affairs” Double Degree (DD) Program


Fudan-Sciences Po “Europe and Asia in Global Affairs”

Double Degree (DD) Program

1. Fudan University and SIRPA at a Glance

Founded in 1905, Fudan University has been being one of the top universities in China and well-known in the world. Its name "Fudan", literally meaning "(heavenly light shines) day after day", indicates inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness. It is located in a cosmopolitan global city, Shanghai, also an important economic center of China and the world.

School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) is a leading school in international relations, political science and public administration in China. It aims to train the best talents for state and public affairs, and potential academics. The subject of international relations in SIRPA is ranked in the most first level in China. It attracts hundreds foreign students in different level from undergraduate, master to Ph.D., and various exchange program participants.

2. Introduction of the DD Program

The Double Degree Program on Europe and Asia in Global Affairs was established by Fudan University and Sciences Po in 2010. It provides students who are interested in analyzing European and Asian affairs from both comparative and international relations perspectives with the excellent research network between Fudan University and Sciences Po.

This program is aimed, at the same time, at European specialists who would like to deepen their understanding of Europe through comparing it to Asia, at Asian specialists who aspire to strengthen their understanding of Asia in relation to other regions, at international relations specialists who are eager to acquire a more specific insight on the challenges and content of Europe-Asia relations. 

The DD program lasts two academic years. The first year will be spent at Sciences Po, in the Master Program of European Affairs, and the second year will take place within the School of International Relations & Public Affairs at Fudan University in the Master Program of International Politics. Students remain enrolled in both institutions for both years; they will therefore benefit from all the students' services (free access to library, student unions, career services).Courses are multidisciplinary and students will have International Relations, History, Economics, Law, and Political Science with focus on Europe and Asia in Global Affairs. Students will follow two language classes at Sciences Po, preferably chosen within Chinese, French and English. At Fudan, all courses will be offered in English, although non-Chinese students are highly recommended to learn Mandarin by taking Mandarin classes offered by the International Cultural Exchange School.  

Assessment will be the same as for the regular students enrolled in the school where the students study.A two-month internship is mandatory after the second semester, between June and September. At Fudan University students will write a master thesis.Final graduation will rely on the validation by the student of both years of the program. Therefore, students get a temporary graduation in July at Sciences Po and graduate definitely once all the program is validated at Fudan University in the following year.

More details about the DD program can be found at the Sciences Po website.


3. Admissions

Candidates should apply directly via the Sciences Po website. [http://admissions.sciences-po.fr/]. Generally, applications must be completed by the end of March each year.Applications are administered centrally at Sciences Po when they will be examined by a joint admissions board comprising representatives from both the SIRPA, Fudan University and Sciences Po. Applicants will be notified by email and post (for admitted students). 

4. Tuition Fees

Students pay the tuition fees in the university they actually study in, their host institution (Sciences Po for Year 1 and Fudan U for Year 2).

Sciences Po: http://formation.sciences-po.fr/en/contenu/school-fees

Fudan University: RMB 80,000Yuan

5. Financial Support

(1) Financial Support provided by Sciences Po


(2) Financial Support provided by Shanghai government or Fudan

      A. For new applicants

  •  Shanghai Government Scholarship

 B. Scholarships offered via SIRPA

  •  Lohez scholarship for Fudan-Sciences Po double degree program “Europe and Asia in Global Affairs”

  •  Campus Asia scholarship for double degree students and exchange students from Korea University and Kobe University

For more information, please check the website of Fudan International    Students Office [http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuexi_sh.htm].

6. Curriculum 

(1) Year 1 at Sciences Po

Students join the Master Programme of European Affairs, with their own track.

(2) Year 2 at Fudan

Students join the Master Programme of International Politics. They must pass the 3 compulsory courses. A total of 15 credits and the defense of the master thesis are required to validate the year.Regarding the Chinese language courses, at maximum 2 credits will be taken into account for students to meet the course requirements.



Core courses - One compulsory course to be chosen within each category; the others can be chosen as elective courses.

Category A-Chinese Studies

EMAP620001 Political Development in Modern China


EMAP620002 Chinese Diplomacy


EMAP620004 Chinese Public Administration and Public Policy


EMAP620024 Chinese Politics


Category B-East Asian Studies

POLI630034International Relations in East Asia


POLI630037Political Economy in East Asia


Category C-Sino-Foreign Relations

EMAP630014 Sino-European Relations and EU Politics


EMAP630018 Sino-Russian Relations and Russian Politics


EMAP630019 Sino-American Relations and American Politics


EMAP630020 Global Issues and Global Governance


Elective Courses

EMAP620003 International Relations and Theories


EMAP630193 International Economic Policy


EMAP620016 Research Methods for Political Science


EMAP620058 Comparative Politics


EMAP620020 Public Economics


EMAP820006 International Political Economy


POLI630072 International Relations in North East Asia


EMAP630130  Global Environmental Governance


EMAP630052 Chinese Foreign Economic Policies


EMAP630096 Chinese Society: Past and Present


EMAP620003 International Politics


EMAP630192 Party Politics in the Developing World


POLI630078 International Security and Strategy


EMAP620023 Public Administration Theories


EMAP620076 Quantitative Research Methods


EMAP630233 Political Game Theory


EMAP630236 Thesis Writing


EMAP630235 Economics and Policies of Tech Innovation


EMAP630234 Political Culture and Public Opinion in Cont. China


Other Elective Courses Given by SIRPA or Other Departments


Language Courses (Chinese) It is elective for non-Chinese students. You can collect  at most 2 credits from this category.

EMAP630131 Chinese Language(I) Beginning 1


EMAP630133 Chinese Language(III) Intermediate


EMAP630135 Chinese Language(V) Advanced


EMAP630168 Chinese Language Beginning


EMAP630170 Chinese Language Intermediate


EMAP630162 Chinese Language Advanced


Thesis and Oral Defense (English)


Make sure you fulfil BOTH the required number of courses and the required number of credits for your graduation.

  • Total Credits required:  67

  • Year 1 at Sci Po: at least 52 (please check out the specific requirements with Sci Po)

  • Year 2 at Fudan: 15 credits and the defense of the thesis are required to validate the year.

    • Required categories: 3 courses (one from each required category), at least 7 credits in total

    • Elective category:  at least 8 credits in total

      • Non-Chinese students can collect at most 2 credits from Chinese language courses.

      • You can collect elective credits from taking courses of the compulsory categories A, B and C.  However, credit transfer can only be done course by course, not credit by credit. Please remember to submit an application for transferring credits from the compulsory categories to the elective category. I will remind you all of it and send out the application form once it is available.

      • If you take courses out of SIRPA, please confirm it with Fanglu first, otherwise, it is quite likely that the credits you claim from it CANNOT be counted as the ones that are required for your degree and graduation.

Note: please do not choose courses out of SIRPA in the spring semester.

7. Thesis Requirements

Students are required to write a thesis on a topic relevant to “Europe and Asia in global affairs”, in which you develop and sophisticatedly elaborate an original argument within the context of the scholarly literature. Make sure that your thesis is well formatted.

  • Contents components

      1. Cover page: list of members of the dissertation/thesis supervisory group

      2. Table of Contents

      3. Abstract in Chinese (at least 4 keywords)

      4. Abstract in English (at least 4 keywords)

      5. Preface

      6. Text/ Main Body

      7. Bibliography (Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resources can be found on the Graduate School website: http://www.gs.fudan.edu.cn/_upload/article/files/e2/3e/0197d0d64cbea9d9fae9a668329f/b9a3a4c2-1e6f-4e81-9974-36eb01635471.pdf)

      8. Acknowledgements

      9. Declaration of Originality and Licensing Agreement

  • Length: minimum number of words is 20, 000.

  • Evaluation process

    1. Proposal defense

  1. Thesis proposal defense is due to be completed at the beginning of the fall semester of the 2nd academic year.

  2. Thesis proposal defense is an oral defense. The defense committee consists of at least three members (thesis advisor is not excluded). Students need to submit thesis proposals to the committee 1 week before the defense. A thesis proposal should include: the reasons and significance of topic choosing, research plan, major references, research schedule and the reviews from thesis advisor.

  3. The results of thesis proposal defense will be Pass (P) or No-Pass (NP). Students who acquire No-Pass can only re-apply for defense after at least 3 months.

  4. Students who are not able to participate the defense have to apply for defense postponement before the start of the defense. Only with approval from thesis advisor and SIRPA can students postpone their defense and participate in the next session.

    1. Pre-defense

  1. Thesis pre-review is due to be completed 2 weeks before thesis submission for blind review.

  2. Thesis pre-review is conducted by committees consisted by experts.

  3. Once thesis advisor has agreed to send thesis to pre-review, student needs to submit thesis, together with a Form for Pre-review, to the committee 1 week before the pre-review.

  4. The results of thesis pre-review will be “Agreed”, “Revision Required” or “Not Agreed”. Thesis can only be sent for blind review once the committee have unanimously given “Agreed”; if “Revision Required” is given by the committeer, the degree applicant should revise the thesis regarding opinions from the committee and send thesis for blind review after confirmation by thesis advisor; if “Not Agreed” is given by the committee, the degree applicant should proceed graduation postponement in time, revise the thesis for at least 3 months, and re-apply for thesis pre-review.

    1. Internal and external blind review

    2. Final defense:  if students fail the defense in spring, graduation can be extended. Every extension has to be no less than 3 months. During the extension, students have to pay half of the regular tuition. A re-defense will be scheduled during the extension period. Every student only has ONE chance of re-defense. If students fail the re-defense, there is NO chance to apply for the degree any more.

8. Academic and Practice Activities Credits Requirements

Every student is required to collect two credits by participating in extracurricular academic/practice activities.

(1) Academic Activities Credits (2 credits)

In order to collect these two credits, at least one of the following requirements has to be satisfied.

  1.  Attends at least five English academic lectures or conferences. The student is required to submit the lecture or conference documents (notice, poster, etc.) and her or his memo of summary and thoughts (at least one single page) to the Office.

  2.  Deliver an academic speech or presentation in an academic conference. The student is required to provide the conference invitation letter and her or his presentation PPT to the Office.

(2) Practice Activities Credits (2 Credits)

In order to collect these two credits, at least one of the following requirements has to be satisfied.

  1.  Works as an intern in research institutions, companies or public organizations, either domestic or international. The student is required to submit related certifying document to the Office.

  2.  Designs or participates in a social research program, conducting fieldwork or acts as a volunteer in public activities. A memo of the experience is required (at least one single page).

8. Contacts

Program Director at Fudan

Dr. Fanglu SUN

Email: sunfanglu@fudan.edu.cn

Cell phone: (86) 21-5566 5437

Address: Room 716, Liberal Arts Building, 220 Handan Road, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China

SIRPA International Students Office

Email: sirpa_io@fudan.edu.cn

Phone: (86)021-55665488

Address: Room 609, Liberal Arts Building, 220 Handan Road, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China