Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Culture


Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Culture


Chinese Language and Culture is a two-year full-time English-instructed Master of Arts (EMA) program as a subfield of the major Chinese Philology, conducted by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (DCLL) since 2008. As opposed to teaching Chinese as a second language, this program offers multiple lenses to help the students notice, learn and understand phenomena in the field of Chinese language and culture, using the theories and research methods taught in class. Our research scope focuses not only on ancient Chinese culture, but also on modern and contemporary China. It starts with the approach of linguistics, but also shares many similar characteristics to social science. It is not a long-term language course, but a gateway via the linguistic channel to an in-depth understanding of multiple aspects of China and Chinese society.

Academic staffs of the DCLL have earned national and international recognition for their academic achievements in the disciplines of Chinese linguistics, philology, literature, folklore, etc. Their research does not just restrict to the Chinese language and literature, but involves comparative studies on remarkable works from all over the world. Supported by these successful scholars, eight classes of our EMA students have completed their study and graduated from the department.

After class, we organize different types of events, in order to provide our students from different cultural backgrounds with opportunities to get to know each other, to find their pals for on and off campus activities, to share their experiences in their study and life here at Fudan University and in Shanghai, etc.

Application Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor’s or higher degree granted by an accredited college, university or other recognized academic institution after a four-year undergraduate study (or equivalent).Generally applicants graduated from related disciplines are more appreciated, but other applicants with evidence of their excellent study and research ability in the field of linguistics and social sciences are welcome as well;

  2. English Language Proficiency: Applicants are required to submit an International English Language Test System (IELTS) report with overall 6.5 points or above, or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) report with no less than 90 scores.
    Applicants who are native speakers of English language or previously have graduated from a purely English-instructed program (with proof) are exempt from this requirement;

  3. Statement of Purpose: Please write up a one to two-page personal statement explaining why you plan to study this program at Fudan University and what you have prepared for the study already, and then talk about your future study plan (what new you still need to learn, what research question you are going to explore, etc.);

  4. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV);

  5. Recommendations: Applicants also need to submit recommendation letters from at least two professors in related disciplines;

  6. Writing Sample(s): Applicants must submit at least one writing sample around 2000 words to show their ability of academic writing. The topic of this paper does not have to be related to Chinese language and literature;

  7. In terms of specific requirements for documents used in the online application system or hard copies to mail to us, please follow the guide for application on the website of International Students Office. ( )

Contact Information:

Mrs. Chang Ran  

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Room 1106 , West Guanghua Tower, Fudan University, No. 220, Handan Road, Shanghai P.R.China,200433

Tel: 0086-21-6564 3246  

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