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English-Taught Master Program (EMA) in

Chinese History and Culture

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General Information

Program Overview: The EMA in Chinese History and Culture is a two-year study program which aims to provide opportunity for international students without prior knowledge of Chinese language to study Chinese history toward a Master’s degree in Shanghai, one of the most exciting cities in China. All courses except Chinese language courses of the program are taught in English by our highly qualified faculty.

Courses in the program consist of three blocks:

1) Chinese language courses for different levels;

2) General surveys of ancient and modern Chinese history;

3) In-depth research courses focusing on art and religion in ancient China, history and culture of Shanghai, comparative perspectives on Chinese and other ancient civilizations.

    For those who are able to follow courses in Chinese they can also choose from a wide range of courses taught in our department. Students in the program will have a unique opportunity to study Chinese history and culture while experiencing it in person.

Degree and Non-Degree Study: For students who pursue a Master’s degree, a minimum of two years is generally required in order to complete the program. They will be required to complete a total of thirty-one course credits and a dissertation written in English of no fewer than 10,000 words. The dissertation should be defended successfully before being submitted with an abstract in Chinese.

While developed mainly to fulfillrequirements for a Master’s degree, our program also accommodates for those who wish to follow our courses for any length of period from one semester onwards with no intention of obtaining a degree.

Once admitted, every student, degree or non-degree, may choose a faculty as his or her supervisor according to his or her research interest with the help of our EMA coordinator.

Courses: A degree student is required to complete thirty-one credits (including eight credits for Chinese language courses, twenty credits in history and culture and three credits for academic activities) during two academic years and successfully defend their Master thesis.He or she may make a course plan with the help of his or her supervisor.

Non-degree students may take courses in the light of requirements in their home institutions.

 The main courses in our EMA program include:

  • Elementary Chinese4 credits

  • Intermediate Chinese4 credits

  • Advanced Chinese4 credits

  • Chinese Civilization to 18003 credits

  • History of Modern China 1800 to Present3 credits

  • History of Chinese Culture3 credits

  • Chinese Art and Archaeology3 credits

  • Religion and Society in China3 credits

  • History of Chinese Medicine and Science3 credits

  • Encounters with the West in Late Imperial China3 credits

  • History of Shanghai3 credits

  • Women and Society in Modern Shanghai3 credits

  • Comparative Studies of Ancient Civilizations 3 credits

  • Comparative Mythology: Greek and Chinese3 credits

Admission and Application


For Degree Students: Credentials documenting prerequisite academic work and showing ability to pursue a graduate program in one’s chosen area are required. To be considered for admission, one should have completed the equivalent of a four-year B.A. or higher degree from an accredited college or university prior to beginning graduate study. For applicants from non-English speaking countries, a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 90 or higher, or an International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) score of 6.5 or higher, is required. Applicants from countries where English is the official language are exempted from this requirement.

For Non-degree Student: Applicants must either be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in an institution of higher education, or have completed a bachelor’s degree.

What to Prepare before Applying?

Applicants should submit the following documents together with the application form.

For Degree Students:

In terms of specific requirements for documents used in the online application system or hard copies to mail to us, please follow the guideline for application on the website of International Students Office (http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuewei.htm )

For Non-degree Student:1) a résumé; 2) a statement of purpose; 3) photocopies of official documents of educational background; 3) TOEFL or IELTS scores; 4) a photocopy of passport.

Tuition: CNY 100,000 in total for degree student

CNY 25,000 per semester for non-degree student

Application Fee:CNY 800 for degree-program CNY 400 for non-degree (Application fee is non-refundable).

How to Apply

Visit our website (http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn) to register and complete the application form online.

For application procedures, please refer to the notice of International Students Office of Fudan University.http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuewei.htm

Applicants must provide copies of their diplomas and transcripts in either Chinese or English. If the original ones are not written in either of the two languages, the applicant must provide the notarized copies of these documents in Chinese or English.

Deadlines for Application:

Degree program: from Nov.1, 2018 to March 1, 2019

Non-degree study may start from either the Fall or the Spring semester. To apply for the Fall semester, applications should be submitted between March 1 and May 31. To apply for the coming Spring semester, applications should be submitted between September 1 and November 30.

  Applicants may check admission results via the online application system (http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn/) during late June to early July of each year, and the welcome package, including a letter of admission, a Foreign Student Visa Application Form (Form JW202), and other guides will be sent to the applicants.

Available Scholarships to degree students:

The Chinese and Shanghai government scholarships

Apply via Fudan University: Applicants may submit the application for the scholarship together with the application for admission before deadline. Incoming (new) students can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship(Program Category: Type B, Agency No.10246) and Shanghai Government Scholarship Category A ) at the same time.Please visithttp://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuexi_sh.htmfor more information.

Available Scholarships to non-degree students:

The Chinese government’s scholarship (see http://www.campuschina.org/): The applicant should apply it independently via the website.

Confucius Institute Scholarship: The applicant should apply it via Confucius Institutes or the Chinese consulates in his or her home country.

Contact information

Dr. Si Jia, Program Coordinator

Department of History, Fudan University
Room 1915 West Guanghua Building
220 Han Dan Road, Shanghai 200433, China
TEL: 86-21-65643667
FAX: 86-21-55664027

Email: historyfa@fudan.edu.cn