Fudan-Sciences Po. “Communication and Media” Double Degree Program


 Fudan-Sciences Po. “Communication and Media”

Double Degree Program

1. Introduction

The Fudan-Sciences Po.double-degree program in Communication and Media was launched in 2011 in partnership with School of Communication at Sciences Po. The program enables students to study for one year at Sciences Po. in Paris, and one year at Fudan School of Journalism in Shanghai. The aim of the program is to enhance the skills of media and communications professionals - through research, practical training and applied learning - in Chinese media, marketing, journalism and culture in order to enhance their knowledge of China, equipping them with a richer global perspective and media savvy so they can contribute a unique transnational perspective in their future professions.

The School of Journalism at Fudan University is known as the Cradle of Chinese Journalists, and closelylinked to the Chinese media industry. The school was founded in 1988, which is evolved from the Department of Journalism established in September 1929. With its close link to the Chinese media industry, Fudan Journalism School’s alumni have played significant role across the country as leading figures in the media industry.  As the first higher education institution in China to commit to journalism, currently Fudan Journalism School consists of four departments including Department of Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, and Communications with 81 faculty members, and about 1500 students. 

2. Admission

Candidates shall apply directly through the Sciences Po.at http://admissions.sciences-po.fr/

The application deadline is usually at early March each year. Applications are administered centrally at Sciences Po where applications are examined by a joint admissions board consisting of professors from both School of Journalism, Fudan University and Sciences Po.

Admission Requirement:

a. Language requirement

IELTS 7 with no sub-score less than 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 100

b. Academic qualification

Bachelor's degree with honours, with a grade of first or upper second class, or equivalent in a related area. Professional experience, although desirable, is not an essential requirement.

c. Other documents needed:

CV; Personal Statement (1, 000 – 1, 500 words including academic interest, and study plan); 2 Reference Letters; GPA 3.5

d. Course requirement:

GPA 3.5 minimum

3. Financial Support

Chinese Government Scholarship (Bilateral Program)

For more details: http://www.campuschina.org

Jerome Lohez Foundation Scholarship

More details at: http://jl911.org/

School of Journalism DD Program Scholarship

More details at: http://www.xwxy.fudan.edu.cn/dm/

4. Curriculum


  1. Required Courses(10 credits)

Communication Inquiry in China (3 credits)

Marketing Communication in China (3 credits)

Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture (4 credits)

China Panorama (3 credits)

  1. Elective within J-School (6 out of 12 credits)

Chinese Journalism: History, Theory and Practice (3 credits)

Communicating in China: The Media and PR Perspectives (2 credits)

Applied Media Management in China (2 credits)

New/Social Media User Research (2 credits)

Information Visualizations and Design (2 credits)

Journalism and Chinese Society since 1840s (2 credits)

Principles and Practices of Social Media Communication in China (2 credits)

New Chinese Cinema (2 credits)

Contemporary Arts in China (2 credits)

  1. Elective outside J-School (2 credits)

  1. Internship (1 credit)

Sciences Po

Introduction to Media Studies

Media in the Global and Digital Era

Marketing and Brand Communication

Strategic Corporate Communication

Media and Digital Studies

Intellectual Property, Communication and Media

Brand Design and Creativity

Public Opinion

China Internet Politics

5. Program Calendar


Year Two (Fudan)


Student Registration (including: Accommodation Registration;                                 Medical Check; Police Registration)                                                                                                                Course Registration;
Program Induction;                                                                                                                 J-School Welcome Meeting                                                                                      Resident Permit Application


National Day Holiday (Oct. 1-7)

Find a topic or field of interest and write proposal


Submit thesis proposal                                                                                             Proposal Defense
Cultural Visit & Company Visit


Company Visit                                                                                                                   End of Semester & Alumni Event


New Year Holiday
Final exam or course paper due;
Winter break begins                              Internship                                         Thesis Write-up


Internship                                         Thesis Write-up                                    Spring semester begins
Course registration


Submit Thesis First Draft to Supervisor                                                                      Thesis Pre-defense


Submit thesis for External Review                                                                              Submit Thesis for Internal Review
J-School International Students Cultural Visit


Thesis Final Submission                                                                                               Thesis Defense                                                                                                         Diploma Photo Shoot


J-School Graduation Photo Ceremony
J-school Graduation Dinner                                                                         Commencement and farewell party                                                Diploma, Certificate Transcript Collection

6. Graduation Requirements& Tuition

The program takes two academic years, with first year at Sciences Po. In Paris, and second year at Fudan in Shanghai. Courses are multidisciplinary and students will have International Communication, Strategic Corporate Communication, Marketing, Politics, Public Relations, New Media with focus on Europe and Asia in media and communication. Students are suggested to follow two language classes at Sciences Po. Final graduation will reply on the validation of both years of the program. Students get a temporary graduation in July at Sciences Po. and graduate definitely after being confirmed to have met all graduation requirements at Fudan the following year.  

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful accomplishment of total 57 credits. ( including 38 credits from Sciences Po. and 19 credits from Fudan).

  2. Pass the thesis defense.


Tuition for second year at Fudan is 80, 0000 RMB, and students shall pay the tuition to the university in which they actually study for both Sciences Po of year 1 and Fudan of year 2.

7. Contact

XuJia, Program Director

Tel: +86 (0)21 65642799

Email: xuj@fudan.edu.cn

Address: Room 411, Office Building, 400 Guoding Road, School of Journalism, Fudan University, Shanghai. 200433. China.

WangKun, Program Coordinator

Tel: +86 (0)21 55664686

Email: jakewang2013@gmail.com

Address: Room 103, Office Building, 400 Guoding Road, School of Journalism, Fudan University, Shanghai. 200433. China.