Joint Degree Programme of Fudan University and University College Dublin (UCD) MSc Software Engineering (Professional Degree)


Joint Degree Programme of Fudan University and University College Dublin (UCD)

MSc Software Engineering (Professional Degree)

Fudan University

The Software School of FudanUniversity, founded in 2002, is one of the original 37 national demonstration software schools. By design, the school is to cater to the needs of the information technology training in the Internet era, and puts efforts to build a comprehensive curriculum that ranges from underlying system software to application layer and business applications.Today, the school is home to a software engineering laboratory, a broadband network and interactive multimedia laboratory, an e-commerce research center, an interactive graphics lab, a parallel processing institute, a cryptographyand information security research lab, a public performance and information technology research center, a CC-CMM international standard research center, a data analysis and security laboratory,  and other research labs.

The Fudan MSc in Software Engineering programme offers systematic training for students who want to start a career of engineers and managers in IT and Internet industry. The programme provides a series of specialized courses such as Formal Program Construction, Practical Software Development, Electronic Commerce, Advanced Database, Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, and Distributed Computing. All the courses are taught in English by lecturers from Fudan and UCD.

University College Dublin

Ireland is home to the world’s top 10 technology companies. It is known as the Internet and Games Capital of Europe and is among the world’s most technologically developed nations. There are excellent job opportunities, with 5,000 job vacancies in the sector at present.

The UCD MSc in Software Engineering is a uniquely flexible and innovative programme. It offers a negotiated learning (NL) model for students with an ICT background that allows students to customize their learning paths and to tailor what they learn to their own specific needs and career aspirations. Module choices include several programming languages, cloud computing, bioinformatics, data mining, machine learning and robotics.

Once accepted into the programme, students will be guided through assessment on their training needs to establish their prior experience, personal knowledge gaps and career plans. The students have the option to select modules with a very specific thematic focus or they may select modules from one of the pre-defined thematic streams covered by the programme. The current module offerings can be explored by visiting

Joint Degree Programmeof Fudan University and University College Dublin

Fudan University and UCD wish to provide students with a joint programme allowing for credit transfers between Fudan and UCD contributing to the award of Masters Degree of Software Engineering from Fudan University, and Masters Degree of Software Engineering from UCD. Fudan and UCD have been working closely together for over 13 years providing an international dimension to education.

Training Methods

Study Period: two and a half years.

The structure will now be as follows. Students will spend their first semester (September - January) taking courses in Fudan. These will be the equivalent of 30 credits in the UCD system. They will then take their second semester (Late January - May) taking 30 credits of courses in UCD. They will take an additional 30 credits of a practicum in UCD during the summer (May - August). This summer work may involve an internship in Industry. Upon successful completion of this the students will have earned 90 credits and will be awarded a UCD MSC. degree .

At this point non-Chinese students may choose to exit the joint program or they may choose to continue to fulfill the requirements for the Fudan MSc. Chinese students (including students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and students with Chinese nationality who apply for the programme from outside China) should continue to pursue master degree in software engineering of Fudan University. For all students, both Chinese and non-Chinese, only after completing taking courses, professional practice and the thesis according to the training program of Fudan Software School for master degree, can they be awarded Fudan master degree . The two schools will negotiate with the students on a case by case basis to determine where they can do their internship and how to complete their graduation thesis.


This joint programme will provide a systematic arrangement of specialized practice (industrial practice or academic practice) for each student. Each student is required to make a plan for practice arrangement in his/her first term in Fudan and complete the practice arrangement in the following periods at Fudan and UCD. An industrial practice arrangement includes an integrated internship in IT or Internet companies that have research and development centers in both Ireland and Shanghai. An academic practice arrangement includes one or more research or engineering projects that are co-advised by Fudan professors and UCD professors.

 Core Courses

Degree courses

Professional elective courses

Advanced software engineering


Advanced network


Distributed Computing


Other UCD courses

Big data analysis and application



Application fee:  800 RMB

Students need to pay Tuition fees to Fudan University and UCD separately.

Fudan Fees and Scholarships:

Tuition to Fudan (for reference): 80,000 RMB (total)

Final tuition criteria are subject to enrolment pricing.

The programme at Fudan offers limited scholarships for the full-time students in the programme.

UCD Fees and Scholarships:

Tuition to UCD: €19,000. It may rise each year. Please visit tuition fee information on

Please note that UCD offers a number of postgraduate scholarships for full-time, self-funding international students, holding an offer of a place on master’s programmes.

Please visit  for further information.

Application Requirements:

Applicant must not be a Chinese citizen, and be in good mental and physical health, and hold an honour degree (2.1) Bachelor's degree (GPA minimum 3.08) in Computer Science or Software Engineering or related certificate.

Language Requirement:

Students will be required to successfully demonstrate that they have English language proficiency to a level deemed appropriate by both universities. For the UCD phase, UCD requires the equivalent of a minimum of IELTS 6.5 with each component at level 6.0 or better.


In terms of specific requirements for documents used in the online application system or hard copies to mail to us, please follow the guideline for application on the website of International Students Office ( )


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