English-Taught Master’s Programme In Electronics and Communication Engineering


English-Taught Master’s Programme

In Electronics and Communication Engineering

Programme Introduction

This programme was jointly initiated by Fudan University, China and University of Turku (UTU), Finland. It is a 2.5-year full time English-taught programme with an emphasis on Embedded Electronics. There are two optional tracks in this programme.

Track 1(Double Master's Degree)

Students who have been admitted by Fudan University aiming at getting double master’s degree can apply for the study right at UTUas well. UTU will select students based on their eligibility, study success (at Bachelor's level) and interviews (in English). English proficiency is ensured during an interview. The selected students will have a mandatory one semester (according to the current arrangement it is the second semester) exchange to UTU, Finland. After completing this programme, students will receive the Master of Engineering Degree from Fudan majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering and the Master of Science Degree from UTU majoring in Information and Communication Technology.

Track 2(Fudan Degree only)

Students in this track only study at Fudan of 2.5 years. After the completion of study, students will receive the Master of Engineering Degreefrom Fudan majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee at Fudan is 97500 RMB/programme.

Tuition fee at UTU is 4000 Euro/programme for non-EU/EEA students (no tuition fee for EU/EEA students).

Students in Track 1 should pay tuition fees to both universities. Students in Track 2 only pay the Fudan tuition fee.

Course requirement

The following courses are available in this programme. The list of courses may change slightly year by year.

Fudan University

Digital Systems Engineering

Embedded System & Application

Digital Signal Processing

HDL Based Design

Energy Efficient Embedded Electronics

Reconfigurable Computing (A)

Wireless Communication Engineering

High-Speed Electronic System Design

Fundamentals of Digital Communication System Design

Technology Leadership

Project Management and Product Development

Advanced Mixed-signal Circuitsand System

University of Turku

Advanced Course on Operating Systems

Advanced Internet Technologies

Advanced Sensor Networking

Cyber Physical Systems

FPGA Prototyping

Principles of Interaction Design

Protocol processing

Seminar on Embedded Computing

Sensor Network Systems

Software Architectures

System-on-Chip Design

System Verification

Thesis requirement

The thesis should be written in English. The abstract should be written in both English and Chinese (no less than 1000 Chinese characters).


In terms of specific requirements for documents used in the online application system or hard copies to mail to us, please follow the guideline for application on the website of International Students Office (http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuewei.htm )


Ms. Xing (Alexa) Guo
International Coordinator
School of Information Science and Technology, Fudan University
Tel: +86-21-65643149
Email: xingg@fudan.edu.cn
Visiting address: Room 416, Science Building, Fudan University

220 Handan Rd., Shanghai 200433, China