Fudan University Singaporean Students Association


The Garden City, a world-famous reputation afforded Singapore; similarly, the Fudan Singapore Student Association is like an exquisite and vibrant flower abloom in the metaphorical garden of Fudan, standing out with its many excellent qualities. In order to create a home away from home for all Singaporean students in Fudan, FUSSA strives to be the bridge of communication between the Singaporean students coming to Fudan on exchange or to study and the local students and teachers. Throughout the academic year, they will organise a series of activities for all the Singaporean students; in particular, the pre-departure dinner is one of their many highlights. The aim of the pre-departure dinner is to allow incoming Fudan Singaporean students to get to know the academic rigour and living conditions in Fudan beforehand, so that they can feel included in a warm extended Singapore family even when overseas. Through their actions, the students that hail from the Lion City consistently demonstrate to their teachers an unmatched resilience and genuine warmth for other people.