Malaysian in Fudan


Malaysian in Fudan is an international student society with a robust organisational structure and a friendly student community. They take pride in our strong sense of team spirit and social responsibility. Not only have they successfully organised numerous activities that display the uniqueness of our country, such as food festivals and graduation parties, etc. they also participated alongside other local and international students in events such as spring trips, movie sharings and the Fudan International Students’ Chinese Debate Competition, even managing to achieve significant results in several competitions. In order to integrate even further into society in Fudan and Shanghai, Malaysian in Fudan has also specially organised activities involving both local and international students, including athletics meets, Mid-Autumn Festival events, color guard, overnight cycling trips to The Bund, International Cultural Festival etc. As they adapt to life in Fudan happily, they have also left a lasting impression on students and teachers alike: as an all-rounded, hardworking, passionate and a serious student community.