Fudan International Medical Students Association


Are you an International Medical Student at Fudan? Then join their Organization – FIMSO! They act as a bridge between university administration, professors, and students. They consist of several committees, each with a specific role. Social Committee hosts large events such as the Freshman Welcoming Party, The Annual MedBall, FIMSOlympics and Movie Nights. Through events such as these, their students have a chance to get to know their peers and build stronger bonds. Academic Committee is responsible for organizing tutorials in challenging subjects, inviting senior students to talk about their experience in hospital rotations or overseas licensure exam-taking, while Professional Committee hosts talks by professors and working professionals on medically related topics. Students who are interested in volunteering can work together with the Philanthropy Committee to engage in soulenriching experiences in the Shanghai community such as participating in the Children Hospital Halloween visits, organizing fundraisers for the Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Charity Foundation and Shazam Game Night. With several committees catering to the specific needs of students' academic and extracurricular interests, FIMSO provides students with the tools necessary to succeed both inside and outside of class, but most importantly - to assist in paving the road to their future medical career.