Scuba diving society


As university students with pioneering and entrepreneurship spirits, they have set their sights beyond the land and towards the oceans. The scuba diving society is a platform that was set up for students who love diving and sharing their underwater experiences. The process of exchanging experiences between scuba enthusiasts is very important and is practiced in this club. This platform can make it more convenient for students to get in touch with peers, and relatively reduce the chance of blindly communicating with related platforms outside the school, protecting students' personal and property safety. 

Scuba diving society also promotes the popularization of diving. Scuba diving is a popular leisure sport around the rest of the world, however it is not as popular in China. Learning scuba diving at the student stage, is not only for the enrichment of extracurricular, but more importantly, it helps to expand student's vision and improve their comprehensive quality. 

Scuba diving society also took upon the mission of promoting marine environmental protection. One of the important reasons why diving is not popular in China is because Chinese students have limited opportunities for scuba diving and ocean exploration. With the development of various marine commercial activities, the level of damage to the global marine environment cannot be denied. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate the awareness of marine environmental protection among students, and to encourage their contribution to environmental protection, and to cultivate the dedication of students towards environmental protection.