Emergency Fire Evacuation Drill for International Students


To effectively strengthen the fire safety education and enhance awareness of fire evacuation among international students, on November 19th, Security Department and International Students Office jointly organized Emergency Fire Evacuation Drill. And the professional firemen also had been invited to this drill. International students and faculties in the dormitory participated in this drill.

At 14:00 pm, with the smoke rising and fire alarm ringing, the firemen came to the accident location by fire truck. International student volunteers guided the students in the building to evacuate quickly. From the sound of the alarm to gathering to the safe point, the evacuation took a very short time which was methodically organized. The international students also observed sprinkling process.

After the fire drill, the international students evaluated affirmatively and positively. This kind of activity is very necessary. Once the fire happens, I know what I should do. Through this fire drill, the fire safety awareness and emergency skills of international students have been enhanced, and the self-help and self-rescue ability of international students has been improved. Also this drill plays a positive role in maintaining campus stability.