Fudan University International Students' Visa/Residence Permit Application Procedure for Off-Campus Internship

The International Students’ off-campus internship allows International Students to carry out their internship according to the teaching plan implemented by respective faculties. During the course of this internship, students will be unpaid (apart from transportation and meal allowances).

  1. To qualify for this internship program, the following conditions should be satisfied:

    1. Current degree or non-degree exchange students at Fudan University

    2. A valid residence permit/visa with current internship details, issued by Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

    3. Students are not allowed to intern at more than one company.

    4. The type of internship must be relevant to the students’ field of study

  2. Applicants must abide by the following procedures (in order) before starting their internship

    1. Applicants must complete and submit the “Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students of Fudan University” to respective faculties and apply for the Teaching Plan (with emphasis on contents of internship) from respective faculties. The Teaching Plan will be issued after the application has been reviewed and approved by respective faculties.

    2. The “International Student’s Internship Agreement Form” should be signed and stamped by authorities of the internship company.

    3. Applicants should submit the following documents to the International Students Office of Fudan University:

      • Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students of Fudan University

      • Teaching Plan provided by the respective faculties

      • International Student’s Internship Agreement Form (signed and stamped by the internship company)

      • Photocopies of the applicant’s passport (passport photo page)/the page containing the current valid visa/residence permit (if applicable).

    4. The International Students Office will submit all relevant application documents to the  Exit-Entry Administration Bureau for verification. International Students can return to the International Students Office to inquire about their application after 10 working days. Following this, the International Students Office will issue the “Proof of Off-Campus Internship” and “Introduction Letter for Visa” to successful applicants.

    5. Applicants should bring the following documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to update their visa/residence permit with their internship details.

      •  “Proof of Off-Campus Internship” issued by the International Students Office

      • Introduction Letter for Visa” containing the applicant’s internship details

      • Passport

      • Registration slip of Accommodation

Other relevant documents should be prepared if applicants want to apply for a new visa/residence permit.

Non-degree exchange students should bring the following additional documents:

      • Contract between Fudan University and the applicant’s home university.

      • Name list of exchange students according to the contract, with the applicant’s name on it.

      • Students holding an X2 visa and studying at Fudan for less than half a year should turn in the photocopy of Business License of the internship company.

Note:i. If the internship company is located in another province, applicants can request the company to stamp the “International Student’s Internship Agreement Form” and fax it to the International Students Office;

ii. Students holding an X2 visa and studying at Fudan for less than half a year will be issued an S visa with 0 entry, which means they can’t re-enter China if they go out of the border.

  1. International Students should take note of the following during their internship:

    1. International Students who transfer to other universities during the internship period should stop their internship before leaving the university. These students should then update the internship details on their residence permit at their new university before resuming the internship.

    2. International Students who switch to another internship company that is located in the same city or in the city of another province, but still located in the same prefecture level city, should submit the “International Student’s Internship Agreement Form” to the new internship company, get it stamped and submit this form to the International Students Office, who will then submit it to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau; if the new internship company is located in another prefecture level city, International Students should repeat the whole visa/residence permit application/update procedure again.

    3. During the period of internship, if there are any changes to passport details or residence permit (such as renewal or extend in duration), International Students need not stop their internship, but are required to perform relevant applications at the International Students Office to renew their residence permit along with their internship details on their new residence permit. These students do not have to submit the documents (stated in 2 iii. above) required for Visa/Residence Permit Off-campus Internship Application.

    4. The period of internship stated on the residence permit should not exceed 6 months per application. If the applicant’s internship exceeds 6 months, applicants should repeat the whole application process after 6 months.

The Internship Application Procedure is effective from July 1, 2018 onwards. International Students who applied for internship before this period and have a valid residence permit with internship details do not have to reapply.

Note: The “Application Form for Off-campus Internship for International Students of Fudan University” and the “International Student’s Internship Agreement Form” can be downloaded from “ Documents” of the International Students Office website.