2021 International Freshmen Meeting Notice


Dear students,

The fall semester of 2021 has begun. In this new semester, we will encounter various new opportunities and challenges.

To better help the freshmen quickly adapt to campus life, International Students Office will host a face-to-face meeting for 2021 international freshmen next week.

We would like to listen to your needs and answer your questions.

The meeting will be hosted during the time when the majority of you prefer. So please choose your availability and let us know if you have any concerns regarding your campus life.  We would love to hear from you!

Looking forward to your participation and sharing!

How to make an appointment:

Please click on the link below to fill in the questionnaire and sign up!


Deadline for registration: 9 A.M, Oct 10th.

Time and place of the meeting: To Be Informed via student number email-box on Oct 11th.

International Students Office

October 8th, 2021