Shanghai through the eyes of Danish businessman


The fifth episode of “Shanghai Through Our Eyes” features Simon Lichtenberg, CEO and founder of Trayton Group, who is from Denmark.

“When I came to Shanghai in 1987, there were no private cars on the street, only buses and bicycles, said Lichtenberg. The average living space of Shanghai people at that time was not on par with what we have now. The heartbeat of Shanghai or the rhythm of Shanghai has been enriched a lot.

“In recent years, many foreign media have been making negative reports about China saying that the Chinese government is too powerful.

I disagree. China is not imposing Socialism with Chinese Characteristics on anywhere else in the world. China is not doing that.

“Instead, it is just taking care of its own business. China is a developing country. Without a powerful government, China wouldn’t be able to develop that fast.

A powerful government is necessary. The leadership of the Communist Party of China is also remarkable, very strong.”

                                                                                                                                       Source: SHINE