Welcome New 2020 Students


September 11 and 12 were the registration days for Fudan freshmen. The students' enthusiasm to register has not diminished at all; the 2020 new international students, those with dreams and plans for the future, gathered in Fudan. It brings vitality to this multicultural university and adds beautiful scenery to it.

Affected by the pandemic, this year faces a special period. The registration of international students proceeded with a combination of online and offline platforms. In accordance with the school’s epidemic prevention principle of “Reducing Gatherings, Reducing Contact, and Minimizing Mobility”, the offline enrollment process was simplified, giving more emphasis on a smoother online registration procedure. Steps such as insurance payment and the reviewing of the Introduction Letter took place online in order to reduce queuing.

lthough the characteristic liveliness of the registration day was not comparable to preview years, the level of enthusiasm and excitement did not come short. The International Students Office organized as early as possible, and prepared for services such as consultation and guidance, registration, accommodation arrangements, etc. Nine volunteers were always ready to help by welcoming, guiding, answering questions, and distributing relevant materials. Volunteers gave their best in order to give the freshmen a smooth and satisfactory registration experience. As well as helping them adapt and get familiar with the campus. In addition, security personnel and property staff also provided a strong logistical support.

The successful registration procedure could have not been possible without the cooperation of various schools and administrative departments. International students were present not just in the International Students Dormitory, but also around the stadium and the relevant faculty buildings.

New semester, new start,

Wish every freshman a fulfilling and happy life in Fudan.

May everyone be able to overcome all obstacles on the way.

May only good things accompany everyone in this academic year.

May the current overseas students arrive soon.

Your Fudan home is waiting for you!