1. Please apply for an X1 or X2 visa at the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with

(1) Valid, regular passport

(2) Admission Notice

(3) Visa Application Form (JW202 Form)

(4) Physical Examination Report (if needed)

2. When you receive your passport and the Chinese visa, please make sure that the embassy or consulate returns the Admission Notice and JW202 Form page 3 (the yellow page) to you. These are important documents which you will need to submit at the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau when you deal with your visa conversion (to residence permit) inside China.

3. Fudan University only provides visa service for students who have already undergone registration. It is compulsary that you hold an X1 or X2 visa to enter China, within 1 week before the registration date. As a student, you cannot enter China without first having a valid visa.

4. If the students enter China with a non-student visa (not an X1 or X2 visa), they can not register.

5. Please pay attention to your Visa expiration date. If you have any questions, please consult the International Students Office: 86-21-65643413.