International student of Fudan University can be supported by different levels of scholarships, including Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, and Confucius Institute Scholarship. Scholarship students will need to register for scholarship at the beginning of each semester, submit the Monthly Feedback Form on time, and register at requested time during semetser time. Besides, the Shanghai city tour for new scholarship students in each September, cultural tours for spring and autumn semetsers, "Experience China" (Gan Zhi Zhong Guo), etc. all welcome scholarship students to register and join.

Each year, outstanding students also have the opportunity to apply for IBM, China Development Bank, Fudan Boxue Scholarship, Confucius Institute Belt and Road Scholarship etc. due to their achievements and performance in academic research and extra-curricular activities.

For related notifications and news, please refer to "Notices" and "News" on the website. For related application or registration forms, please download it from "Documents".