1.You can apply for one more entry after you arrive in China with 1-entry X2 visa. The residence time abroad is usually limited in one week.  

2.Documents needed for X2 visa extra entry (For reference only):

(1) Valid, regular passport

(2) Admission Notice

(3) Visa Application Form (JW202 Form or JW201 Form)

(4) Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Please read Appendix)

(5) Introduction Letter for Visa (processed at ISO office temporarily located in International Students Dormitory at the beginning of the semester or Room 106 of ISO during the semester. Also, read Appendix)

(6) One passport-sized photo

(7) The fee for X2 visa extension & extra entry (please take it to Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau as the standard)


1Registration Form of Temporary Residence (on campus)

2Registration Form of Temporary Residence (off-campus)

3. Introduction Letter for Visa